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How to buy a high quality e-bike?

Feb 07,2023 | DFShop

Electric bicycles have become a riding tool for many people to go to work or for short trips, some people have changed several electric bicycles, some people are still buying electric bicycles for the first time; of course, even if you have bought many electric bicycles, you may not know how to buy a high quality electric bicycle very well, and electric bicycles actually have their own functions, such as motors, batteries, frames and other components. Only with a detailed understanding of electric bicycles can we properly buy electric bicycles. The famous online electric bicycle store DFShop has summarized 4 tips to help you buy high quality electric bicycles:

  1. Buy the right e-bike according to your actual needs

Each electric bicycle has its own advantages and disadvantages since it enters the market, others feel good electric bicycle, not necessarily suitable for you, you have to determine according to their actual needs, such as you go to work far away, is to buy a long range, or choose a short walk? For example, if you want to be lightweight, choose lithium-ion, to run far, choose a larger battery capacity, such as 60 volts 72 volts of high-capacity batteries.


  1. Check the battery type and quality of the electric bicycle

As mentioned above, the key to determining the range of electric bicycles is to look at the battery, such as electric bicycles, the battery is generally 48 volts, if you want to lightweight, better quality and more durable and easy to remove the battery, you can choose lithium battery electric bicycle.

But no matter what type of battery you choose, remember to choose the original battery, and of course, there is a brand of battery, with longer.


  1. To see the electric bicycle motorand power supporting equipment

In addition to the battery, the main thing that determines the power and speed of the electric bicycle is the motor and controller. A good motor is more energy efficient and has a long warranty; if it is a poor quality motor, it will consume a lot of electricity and have a short life span.

Of course, also look at the braking effect of electric bicycles, generally larger electric bicycles, it is recommended that the previous disc brake after the drum brake models, such electric bicycles brake performance is better, the price is also more moderate.


  1. To see the after-sales service of the business and manufacturer

Although electric bicycle is a durable tool, but there will be bad times, choose a good electric bicycle dealer, service and after-sales more secure, if the vehicle is out of order, can promptly after-sales and repair.


Buy an electric bike in addition to the above major aspects, but also to see how good the electric bike damping, you can test ride, good damping, riding more comfortable; also look at the vehicle paint and workmanship, such as the cushion is durable and comfortable, of course, there is a price point, naturally, you will be able to do a number, but first you have to understand the electric bike features and quality, so you will not be at a loss when choosing an electric bicycle In front of the connoisseur, the merchant will not dare to deceive you.