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Bicycle riding precautions on snowy and icy roads

Dec 08,2022 | DFShop

With the onset of winter, cold air strikes and heavy snow falls in many areas, making the roads smooth and icy. It becomes very dangerous to travel by bicycle, whether it is a bicycle or an electric bicycle, the danger factor is several times higher than usual. Professional electric bike service provider DFShop today to talk about the precautions and anti-skid measures for cycling on icy roads, work and life is important, safety is even more important.

Ice road cycling to be very careful, pay attention to the following small details: First, do not brake sharply in the ice road, speed too fast, too narrow tires tire pressure is too full, will happen fall accident; Second, do not turn sharply in the ice road; Third, do not ride on the ice monopoly; Fourth, do not drive downhill in the ice road.

Another disadvantage of driving on snow and ice is that it is slippery. How to prevent slippage on electric bicycles? In fact, riding an electric bicycle or driving a motorcycle is similar to riding a bicycle. When braking on a snowy day, try to use the rear brake when entering a curve, otherwise it is easy to slip. In addition, when braking, try to keep the body vertical with the road, and try not to brake when passing through a heavily iced lot, it is best to use the throttle to control the speed.


In order to effectively prevent winter cycling, driving sideslip, the following measures can be used.

  1. Make preparations for anti-skid gear before driving should be prepared to shovel, pickaxe, triangle wood and other anti-skid gear, for safety reasons, but also set on the anti-skid chain, in order to avoid sideslip. At the same time, in the snow and ice road driving to concentrate on, careful driving, find the situation, deal with in advance.
  2. Start smoothly Because the snow and ice road adhesion is very small, the drive wheel is easy to slip idle. Therefore, in the start, the clutch should be in a semi-linked state to stay slightly, the throttle with a moderate, so that the engine in the conditions of the engine output less power to reduce the torque of the drive wheel to adapt to the smaller adhesion, to avoid skidding at the start.
  3. Control the speed According to the road conditions, the technical condition of the vehicle and their technical proficiency to master the speed, generally for the medium speed is better.
  4. Even speed Note to maintain an even speed, do not fast and slow.
  5. Pay attention to the choice of driving route when turning, should reduce the speed, slow play direction so as not to turn too hard to cause sideslip, through the slope and a long section of the horizontal slope, should stop to eliminate the higher side of the snow, or dig a trench with the wheels of the same width, so that the wheels in the slot smoothly through.
  6. Correct use of the brake When braking, the action should be gentle. The general method is to slowly depress the brake pedal, and when the body has a slight feeling of leaning forward, keep the pedal position or lift a little to eliminate the inertia force of the vehicle forward, do not use the emergency brake.


 Whether it is a car, motorcycle, electric bicycle or bicycle, snow and ice road driving with a lot of inconvenience. This is especially true for the latter three. Urban commuter congestion has increased, the city bike system is relatively well developed, many people ride bicycles and electric bicycles to work and school on weekdays, in the snow and ice, safety becomes a piece of electric bicycles and bicycles riding can not be ignored.

In fact, DFShop especially recommended that for the sake of everyone's safety, it is best not to ride electric bicycles, bicycles and other two-wheeled transport out on snowy days, not far from the road can be on foot, and too far can take public transport travel.