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8 benefits of electric bicycles are loved by people

Aug 02,2023 | DFShop

Electric bicycles are used for daily commuting and recreation, and are popular for their economy, energy efficiency and convenience. The rapid development of electric bicycles in recent years has effectively relieved the traffic pressure of short trips, and the electric bicycle industry has received strong support from the government, and the industry has greater prospects for development. What are the benefits of electric bicycles that are so popular? After summarizing, DFShop found the following 8 benefits of electric bicycles.



  1. Energy saving

For the same 100 km journey, a car generally needs 5-15 liters of gasoline and a motorcycle needs 2-6 liters of oil, but an electric bike only needs 1-3 degrees of electricity. In the case of the growing worldwide energy crisis, electric bicycle is a very sensible choice.


  1. Economical

Because of energy saving, the use of electric bicycle is much more cost effective than other means of transportation. For example, for the same distance (about 1000 km per month), a car costs more than 100 euros; a motorcycle costs more than 30 euros, while an electric bicycle costs only 5 euros. Therefore, electric bicycles are loved and favored by people. Especially for the current situation of rising gas prices, the advantages of electric bicycles are more obvious, a little bit of electricity is enough every month. Moreover, you don't have to pay for parking, which saves you a lot of money.


  1. Convenience

With the sharp rise in international oil prices, the problem of oil shortage is becoming more and more prominent. Many gas stations can not trip open supply of gasoline around the clock, as a result, many car owners often have to wait in line for refueling. Sometimes it's hard to get in line before being told that they are out of gas and there is no gas station nearby, so the whole living arrangement is disrupted. Electric bicycles, on the other hand, do not have the problem of refueling, and as long as they are charged on time, they can completely replace cars in daily city life. Even if the battery runs out occasionally, you can ride by pedaling like a traditional bicycle.

Electric bikes do not need parking spaces. In this era of increasingly tight parking spaces in cities, electric bikes can be parked basically everywhere, so you no longer have to turn around to find a parking space.

It's convenient to go to work: If your company is close to your home, it's very convenient to use an electric bicycle to go to and from work if it's about 5 km away. You can also take some luggage and go to the supermarket to buy things easily.

Electric bicycle, it is small, it can be convenient to enter and exit the elevator, placed in the corner of home or office, convenient to keep and charge, and even folded and placed in the trunk of the car as a backup transportation.


  1. Fast

Electric bicycle has become one of the most used green transportation. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries and can travel at speeds of about 25 to 45km/h, which is much faster than the speed of ordinary people riding bicycles. It saves time and energy.

Compared to cars, there is no traffic jam in the city, so when you fly past the long traffic jam, it's beautiful! And a lot of small alleys and field paths, cars are unable to travel together, but electric bikes can be unimpeded.


  1. Safety

Electric bicycle speed compared to motorcycles, cars, speed is much slower, and also easier to control, so as long as you follow the rules of the road, focus, under normal circumstances, it is difficult to occur safety problems.


  1. Easy to learn and control

This goes without saying, because the speed is relatively not fast, as long as you can ride a bicycle, electric bicycle can be easily learned, compared to motorcycles, strong control, not to mention the car. The only thing to note is that at first you are not familiar with button operation, brakes, etc., so you must take it slow.


  1. Environmentally friendly

electric bicycles do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution, which is the number one advantage of electric bicycles over cars and other vehicles. Some people may say that when the battery of an electric bicycle breaks down, it also causes pollution, but this view is no longer in line with reality. Because there is already a battery repair technology that can quickly repair old batteries, old batteries can still be acquired and sold for money, and the unified management and treatment of used batteries can be achieved, so the electric bicycle is a green transportation that does not pollute the environment.


  1. Exercise and fitness

If you ride an electric bicycle to and from work every day, it means that you can exercise on your way to work. Riding an electric bicycle every day not only improves blood circulation and relieves stress but also builds muscles.

The electric bicycle has three different riding modes built in to give you a different travel experience. By switching between different modes through the meter on the grip, the speed is adjusted more smoothly and can meet different riding needs. Human mode, power mode, and pure electric mode.

During the ride you can adjust the pedal assist intensity to meet the exercise needs of different people. In this way, sedentary commuters can exercise on their way to work without taking up any of their other time at all. This simple change can greatly affect the physical and mental health of people.

Electric bicycles have pedal assist and throttle mechanisms that eliminate muscle fatigue from pedaling. This allows people to choose the amount of exercise they want to do. For example, on flat and easy to ride surfaces, people can choose human pedaling (pure human mode); when going uphill, they can choose electric power mode; or, they can choose a steady power mode throughout the ride. Such exercise modes allow people to choose the right intensity to exercise their endurance. It doesn't take long for people's fitness and endurance to improve as their metabolism improves and their core strength increases.

Regular electric bicycle riding ensures that the body's muscles are exercised. It is able to increase the uptake of glucose in the muscle cells, which leads to energy. This increases the rate of metabolic reactions in the body and also improves blood flow to the muscles and other parts of the body. Riding an electric bike also maintains cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body, which leads to relaxation. At the same time, it can also promote the release of happy endorphins, thus relieving stress.


Electric bicycles make cycling fun, easy and convenient. Compared to driving, people can also choose to travel easily without breaking a sweat on an electric bicycle. Most importantly, when you go out on an electric bicycle, you don't have to worry about being bored and tired on the road because you can enjoy the scenery along the way and get a workout in the process! Electric bicycle has so many benefits, do you like it?