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Top 7 failures of electric bicycle charger

Dec 21,2022 | DFShop

For electric bicycle, electric bike charger is an inconspicuous accessory, but the charger is also troublesome once it fails, there are always some users, who will encounter the electric bike charger failure situation.

If you encounter some charger problems, you may want to look at the following DFShop for you 7 electric bicycle charger common failures and solutions, may be helpful to you.


  1. Power indicator light on when charging, charging indicator orange

First of all, please check the electric bicycle charger output plug and the battery box charging plug is not inserted tightly. If you are sure there is no problem, you can check whether the fuse above the battery box has an open circuit or the fuse holder is loose and has poor contact.


  1. The power indicator light is not on, and the charging indicator light is not on

Check whether the charger input power plug is connected, the charger input plug into a normal power outlet, if the situation remains, the charger shell open, observe whether the fuse connection is intact, there is no break, such as no break, first check whether the power input line is good, after excluding the fault of the power input line, you should check the circuit board components near the high-voltage area of the phenomenon of false welding.

In addition, the open circuit can also cause the above-mentioned failure, such as the machine fuse has been broken, then never replace the large amperage of the fuse, should focus on checking whether its components are damaged, available with the same type of replacement.


  1. Overheating, and even have the shell burned deformation image

This is mainly part of the user often carried with the electric bicycle caused by the failure of some components loose. The main manifestations are: voltage working state is not normal, heat is very large, in serious cases the charger shell deformation, circuit board scorching, resulting in voltage damage. Can be re-welded at the false welding. If you still can not eliminate the fault, you need to check whether there are components open circuit.


  1. The output voltage is normal, but the charging current is very small

When encountering this situation, you should check whether the voltage components have poor contact or damage, if everything is normal, then to replace the charger to troubleshoot.


  1. Heat, and accompanied by abnormal sound, charging can not be charged

The cause of the failure is the output level of the elimination of vibration resistive capacitance damage. In addition, the components of the open circuit or deficiency soldering will also cause the above failure.


  1. Abnormal sound when working, power indicator and charging indicator dark and flashing

The cause of the failure is component damage, can replace the damaged components, and make the charger output voltage in the normal operating range.


  1.  Output voltage is very high

Output voltage is very high (greater than 50V), the cause of failure is a component short circuit or open circuit, the specific judgment can be measured when the integrated circuit foot voltage.


Finally, DFShop remind you to pay attention to the maintenance of the charger, if you need to replace the charger, it is recommended to try to choose the original or high-quality, good reputation of the brand, the same for the purchase of new electric bicycle. Good brands not only have very good quality, but also better service, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of the construction is very well, can provide users with better after-sales service.